With six (6) planets in a harsh T-cross among mutable signs - very upright, seemingly "honest" people can be caught telling "layers of lies" as they change their stories to suit different audiences. "Good works" can actually be perpetuated by those with evil intent who are shrouding their love of anarchy and power under the guise of "righteous indignation and humanitarian concern." This could happen anywhere in the world at any time as Evil behind the scenes is working furiously to challenge and overthrow the Law of the Land, so there is a very real threat of danger to the courts. Something which should NOT have started ENDS because it didn't satisfy basic legal requirements at the beginning. The emerging panorama of "layers of lies" has tainted the legitimacy of an effort that was meant to "look" righteous and honorable - but instead it was a carefully crafted hidden plot to destroy and repudiate the Law of the Land. The mud at the bottom of this deep, ugly Well of Deceit is a thick mass of brackish ooze.....it's a me
Program Details
Episode S7E43
Broadcast Week Nov 18th 2018
Duration 00:27:21
Audience Rating TV-G
Genre Forecast
Theme Well-being & Lifestyle
Language English
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