A "Loose Cannon" may emerge during the New Moon in Sagittarius on Dec 7 because there may  be someone, or an organization, with a LOT OF MONEY behind it, that is willing to shred all legal precedence in order to pursue and complete an evil plan of their own. The INSANITY of their quest is horrifying because it seeks to replace respect and compassion for humanity with depravity of mind, and an arrogant contempt for human kindness and spirituality. Yet HOPE for a new beginning that could bring future peace is still thriving - even though it is being harshly challenged by a cruel square to the New Moon from Mars and Neptune in Pisces. Severe harm or even death can be the result of a hideous gas, a drug overdose, suffocation, drowning, or a stealthy attack disguised as a humanitarian effort. A "Loose Cannon" may have to be bitterly tolerated until at least April, 2019 when it will self-destruct
Program Details
Episode S7E44
Broadcast Week Nov 25th 2018
Duration 00:29:28
Audience Rating TV-G
Genre Forecast
Theme Well-being & Lifestyle
Language English
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