You are likely to give or receive "words of encouragement" or get some well deserved recognition for a job well done because there is a very benign influence among some good  planets that are almost perfectly sextiling each other: Venus is at seven degrees of Scorpio; Jupiter is at eight degrees of Sagittarius; Saturn is at nine degrees of Capricorn - and they are joined by three other planets in those signs that may represent good fortune for you during the holidays. How could that happen? You might get a financial break or a bonus. You could get community or group recognition, or some type of advancement. You may get a promotion, or an offer from a prestigious, well respected organization. In a sharp contrast, there are six (6) planets in a very harsh square among the mutable signs, so a "loose cannon" or members of a covert operation with a hidden agenda may cause trouble. Confusion or indecision may be prompted by the misguided intentions of a woman -  so SOMETHING DOESN'T MAKE SENSE, OR IT DOESN'T ADD UP. Although the Law of the Land is being treated with contempt by others, Words of Encouragement can bolster our Faith because Love, Loyalty, and deep Respect for Humanity are still very strong
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