Divorce & Remarriage-Part One
Pastor Richard D. Dover
Seattle Open Door Church

Pastor Rich takes an in-depth look at what the Bible teaches on Divorce & Remarriage. He looks at every verse in the New Testament that addresses this subject. He shares the truth of the Word of God in a very caring manner. In Part One we learn that a divorce because of adultery is biblical. In Part Two we learn that divorce because of adultery or an unsaved spouse abandoning the marriage is biblical.

Pastor Rich lets the audience know he has been divorced and remarried himself so is in no position to judge anyone who has had a divorce. He makes it clear to the viewer that even if they had an unbiblical divorce or unbiblical divorce and remarriage there is the forgiveness and mercy of God. The key is to give it to God and ask for forgiveness.

Program Details
Topics Divorce, Remarriage, Marriage
Episode S4E3
Broadcast Week Feb 3rd 2019
Duration 00:28:00
Audience Rating TV-G
Genre Religious
Theme Faith-Based
Language English
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