With strength in the action oriented fire signs, the Curtain Rises now in a variety of ways: a new leader can emerge; a new emphasis on religious or moral values can be more compelling due to an injustice somewhere in the world; a new legal entity or precedent can be upheld and enforced by the courts, or a new treaty or truce can result in a calm interlude or peace effort. Yet hard work on very harsh terms can be imposed by top management in large corporations or government agencies because greed and ruthless ambition are almost impossible to stop. But the truth will still come out and everyone must deal with it. Although there can be a new beginning as the curtain rises now for each off us - we will have to wait until the first act is over to see what happens next.

Program Details
Topics Horoscopes
Episode S8E12
Broadcast Week Mar 28th 2019
Duration 00:26:25
Audience Rating TV-G
Genre Forecast
Theme Well-being & Lifestyle
Language English
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