We learn from a 33-Degree Scottish Rite Mason--  Black helicopters and Illuminati schemes to take over the world, are not necessary to making our world a better place.   Inaccurate Masonic histories, as presented by misinformed people on the Internet, on TV and in movies having nothing to do with what actual Freemasons do every day.  It is clear, technical learning, like writing computer code, or any other skills necessary for earning money is not enough education to make good men better.  All people need information and ideas which can never be squeezed into sound-bytes, and presented on commercial TV, or squeezed into any popular form of entertainment.

Program Details
Topics Freemasonry, Documentary, History
Episode S1E8
Broadcast Week Apr 18th 2019
Duration 00:28:00
Audience Rating TV-G
Theme Community Issues & Advocacy
Language English
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