What would a Green New Deal look like? When we think about the seemingly impossible but necessary task of rapidly moving our federal government to address the climate emergency, it might be helpful to know what most people don’t know. That is that many local governments are already well on their way in implementing their climate action plans. Chief among these is Portland Oregon. They began implementing their "Carbon Dioxide Reduction Strategy" in 1993 and have transformed Portland into one of the most livable cities in the USA while they were at it. The one who spearheaded this effort is none other than Susan Anderson, the former director of Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability. As Susan goes through her slide show you are going to realize that what Portland has done is astonishing. It’s also interesting to note how they did it. They didn’t sell it as addressing climate change which few people, even now fully grasp, they sold it on making Portland a better place to live by saving money for residents, government, and business, creating jobs, addressing pollution and sprawl, improving transportation, making the city more walk able and bike able, and applying high-tech energy solutions.

This talk was taped at the second annual Cities Climate Summit organized by People for Climate Action on May 11th 2019. 

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Topics Net Zero Cities, Climate Action, Climate Crisis
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Broadcast Week Jun 10th 2019
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