Last Sunday, the U.K. Daily Mail published a long article based on leaked encrypted cables between the U.K Ambassador to the U.S. Kim Darroch and the Foreign Office. These cables reveal a glimpse of how the British operate to control a U.S President through their special relationship with the U.S. Basically the leaked cables reveal that the Ambassador Darroch was feigning support for Trump while having close association with the British intelligence network around Christopher Steele and Richard Darling. That Darroch was working to get Trump to launch a war against Iran. That Darroch didn't believe the story of why Trump cancelled the military strike against Iran in the last 10 minutes; and that in any case, it could be reversed in a U-turn any time there was a new Iranian attack and a single American life was lost. This implies preparation of a British false flag operation in the works to trigger the war. Also Darroch reveals that Trump has a habit of talking in the evening to people outside of the government to find out what they think, and what their advice and views are. That Darroch says that "we" already have influence over most of the these contacts, but we should have a complete "flood over" to make sure that Trump is isolated from polices not coming from the British embassy. All of this requires the "five eyes" sharing agreement access by British intelligence through NSA surveillance of all those that Trump is talking to. This is huge.

  When Kissinger was Secretary of State back in the 1970's he once said, "I kept the British Foreign Office more informed than the White House." Nearly 50 years later we can assume that the inter twinning of relationships for at least two generations since Kissinger, between the British Foreign office and U.S. institutions, media, and political class to be completely mapped out and in such depth that the U.K ambassador, or should we say "proconsul" could organize and coordinate the institutional and associations completely surrounding a U.S. President. So why were the cables leaked? It looks like not everyone in Britain is happy with the Monarchy and the policies of war and genocide being foisted upon the U.S.

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