The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn means someone in a management position, perhaps a woman, is struggling to dominate or control a situation because their power and former support are waning - so they may step down or resign because of indecision or confusion, or from a betrayal among people who are "like family", or due to a threat to their financial position. THESE ARE NOT THE GOOD OLD DAYS. For those who have enjoyed unbridled power behind the scenes, their acute discomfort may grow daily as their secrets and covert activities are revealed since there are five (5) retrograde planets now. Shadow dancing in the dark may work as long as no one sees you doing it - but someone may realize their dancing days are over....and now it's time to really "face the music."

Program Details
Topics Horoscopes
Episode S8E28
Broadcast Week Jul 18th 2019
Duration 00:28:17
Audience Rating TV-G
Genre Forecast
Theme Well-being & Lifestyle
Language English

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