You may be "gearing up" or preparing for a new start, or a re-start of a project that had been delayed - and you could get a lot of help with that since there are five (5) strong planets either in the sign they rule, or in their exaltation. There are also five (5) retrograde planets encouraging you to go back and try something again because there are more solutions available now than there are challenges: families could "start over" or get a second chance for reconciliation; there could be better terms on a real estate deal; a sudden brilliant solution to a financial situation could occur, or very hard "prep work" or a do-over in a large corporation or government agency could produce better results. A legal matter needs to be reviewed, and "set right". THE GOOD OUTWEIGHS THE BAD as you "gear up" for a new start, or a re-start.

Program Details
Topics Horoscopes
Episode S8E29
Broadcast Week Jul 25th 2019
Duration 00:27:21
Audience Rating TV-G
Genre Forecast
Theme Well-being & Lifestyle
Language English

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