July 22 (EIRNS)—The two guests on the July 21 “The Debate” broadcast on Iran’s PressTV, hosted by Marzieh Hashemi, were EIR’s Mike Billington and Jim Jatras, a lawyer who has served as a Foreign Service Officer in the State Department, including responsibilities regarding Mexico and the Soviet Union, and as policy adviser to the Republican leadership in the U.S. Senate in the 1980s and ’90s.
The program was on the crises in the Persian Gulf following the British seizure of the Iranian tanker and Iran’s seizure of a British tanker. While Billington and Jatras agreed on the British provocation, there was some difference on whether President Donald Trump will be able to overcome the war party and succeed in living up to his stated policies. The hostess, Ms. Hashemi, asked Billington about Trump’s actions, noting that “Actions speak louder than words.”
Billington responded: “Let me say first that Jim Jatras is a good example of someone who does make his actions fit his words. He recently did—and I commend you, Jim—a really beautiful, brief statement about the life of Lyndon LaRouche, and the importance of the ideas of Lyndon LaRouche in the world, pointing out that the people who prosecuted Mr. LaRouche—and myself; I was also put in jail by Robert Mueller at the same time that Lyndon LaRouche was put in prison—that the people who ran that campaign against LaRouche were doing that to stop his ideas, and the same people then went after Donald Trump, precisely because Trump has the potential of living up to those ideas which Mr. LaRouche had put in place.”

Program Details
Topics Exonoration, Corporate Debt, Green New Deal
Episode S7E24
Broadcast Week Aug 7th 2019
Duration 00:27:21
Audience Rating TV-G
Genre Variety
Theme Cultural Perspectives
Language English
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