Everything is starting to make sense.  The British empire is now deploying openly on all fronts to bring about now, in the collapse of the financial system and triggered wars, an end to industrial society as we know it, and reduce the global population to roughly 1 billion people.  This must be iniated now before the second term of Donald Trump, and before most of the world is consolidated around a new financial architecture centered in China's Belt and Road.


  Ecology:  Last Halloween in Britain a global movement got under way called the Extinction Rebellion.  This is to lead to a global deployment of children and adolescents into a carbon reduction crusade, which crusade will be extended to all political and media platforms.  Along side of this is the idea that economic development must end because of finite resources.  This is to escalate globally into the Trump election period.  However, the Extinction Rebellion is merely the cover for the deeper terrorist operations that are being planned to target and destroy critical infrastructure, power plants, dams, railways, canals, etc., crippling human civilization at its most vulnerable core.  The name for this ecoterrorism is Deep Green Resistance, and the preparations for unleashing this destruction have in the  making for at least the last two decades.


   Finance:  After the 2008 financial crisis, capabilities have been put into place around the formation of the Financial Stability Board (FSB) to be able at the appropriate time to force all investment to go into Green Projects and cut off all funding for everything else.  Out of this comes the last financial bubble, the Green projects bubble.  Most of the nations that are gravitating toward the Belt and Road for survival are still enmeshed in the City of London system.  By massive "red lining" credit for all but trillions of dollars for green projects, credit starvation will occur unless in response to this, a new global financial architecture comes in.  The FSB is headed by Bank of England governor, Mark Carney, who previously was the Bank of Canada governor. The FSB created the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) under the ruse that climate change threatens the financial system.  Then that justified the establishment of the Green Finance Initiative (GFI) to organize this transition to green projects.  The TCFD is endorsed by institutions representing assets of $118 trillion globally.  This is to coincide with the demonstrations and terrorist operations.


   Strategy of Tension:  Simultaneously a full strategy of tension in all areas is being unleashed to prevent nations from coming together to deal with all of this.  Inside the U.S. the war against Trump is escalating.  Some Democratic Presidential candidates are calling for Trump rallies and speeches to be made illegal because the media is claiming that these activities of Trump are the cause of racist mass shootings. This is a hard core attack on the freedom of speech.   In India, a crisis has been triggered over Kashmir that threatens a war between India and Pakistan and damaging developing Indo-Chinese relations.  The Iran situation is escalating.  The Hong Kong situation is escalating.  The Venezuelan situation is escalating with a brutal boycott.  Bolton is at the center of this.  This is after it looked like Bolton was on his way out.  


    But increasingly the British are doing so in their own name as the investigations into the attempted illegal coup against Donald Trump are increasingly headed toward the role of the British.  This is the empire's weakness.  The British don't have a Hitler to hide behind.  The more transparent their hand, the more the world has the potential to unify against them.    

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Topics Green Finance, Kashmir, Eco-fascism
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Broadcast Week Aug 28th 2019
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