The scramble is on.  It is not in doubt, or being disputed that we are at the end of the current global floating exchange system that has been in effect since 1973.  In this regard, the issues now playing out are who gets the blame for the collapse, and what agreements are made between governments for a new system after the collapse.  Had Trump not won in 2016, and Hillary was President, the media and the institutions would be primarily blaming China for causing the financial and economic collapse we are now entering into.  But because Trump was elected in 2016, and the coup against Trump is entering a second phase, the media will focus more on Trump being the cause of the collapse.  Being a fighter, Donald Trump will in turn shift the blame instead onto the Federal Reserve, the wars, NAFTA, the EU, the environmentalists, and others.  This is where twittering counts. 


      The global economic downturn is now getting under way.  The massive corporate bond bubble will be heavily impacted by this economic downturn.  The drop in oil prices now underway will also hit hard this corporate debt bubble.  France's finance minister, Bruno Le Maire said the following at a monetary conference recently:   "...the alternative we have is now clear ..Unless we are able to reinvent Bretton Woods, The New Silk Road might become the new world order...”  Further, Le Maire indicated that the priorities for this new system should be focused on fighting climate change.  In this regard,  the City of London and the central banks of the trans-Atlantic are gearing up to shift trillions of dollars to green projects in advance of such a new system. Such a new system will be opposed by the vast majority of the human race.  The effort to violently impose this version of a new system through ecofascist mobilizations, regional instigated wars, military confrontation, assassinations, color revolutions, and police state measures, while doomed to backfire, could cause a collapse of human civilization.  The alternative, LaRouche's Four Laws, are also coming into focus as the basis for the new system.  The fourth law, the orientation to a crash fusion and space program is on the agenda in China, India, Russia, and Trump.  LaRouche's friend Glazyev is being elevated in Russia in preparation for a Eurasian Belt and Road system with China based on state created credit for infrastructure, and advance science and technological development.



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