New Schiller Institute Statement: ‘The Age of Reason Is in the Stars!’

Sept. 3 (EIRNS)—This headline, “The Age of Reason Is in the Stars!” is the title of a statement released this week, subtitled, “International Call to Youth,” by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, Founder and President of the Schiller Institute. It is intended for wide circulation as colleges open, and especially targetted for simultaneous campus distribution next week in days of action planned in multiple locations throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia, on Sept. 10 and 12. The full text is provided below. The statement makes clear that today’s climate change madness is completely contrary to the true identity of man as a spacefaring species, which can, withspace age technology, both attack any problem at all, and make new discoveries about the vast universe.

In addressing youth this way, the statement at the same time speaks to people of all ages, to understand our real nature as creative human beings, who can solve problems and build a future. The world need not come to an end as the green hysteria campaign would have you accept, through brainwashing and demoralization. Behind this Chicken Little “the sky is falling” campaign are the billionaire elitists and royalists associated with the City of London/Wall Street crowd whose own casino system itself is blowing out.

The challenges right now are acute, of course. September is ushering in new aspects of the crack-up of the monetarist financial system, e.g., the Argentina debt and currency instability needs emergency economic attention, within action for a new world credit system. Likewise, in the United States, industrial factory activity is declining, as indicated, for example, in five straight months of decline in the Index of Purchasing Managers. Given that the bubble of risky U.S. corporate debt now stands at record levels, this is a crash waiting to happen. On top of it all, comes the tariffs face-off between the United States and China.

Finally, add in the green hysterics planned later this month in New York City, at the Sept. 20 Climate Strike start-up, and the Sept. 23 UN Climate Summit.

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