During the Pisces Full Moon the "gloves come off" as the truth is revealed by people with proven evidence about deceptive activities behind the scenes - so with firm determination, the facts will speak for themselves. The "gloves come off" because it is NOT "business as usual." Yet with six (6) planets in strong support among the practical, hard working earth signs - a Triumph is near, but not here yet. Next week when Saturn goes direct in Capricorn, the truth cannot be denied when a powerful organization, or person at the head of a group or government agency exerts their power and moves forward. A Final Judgement, based on strong proven facts, may result by Christmas time. Meanwhile, a legal proceeding or peace-making initiative may begin since Venus goes into Libra, a sign ruling the Law and all legal contracts. As the "gloves come off" - a very hard-headed deal could end amicably because someone will lose too much, including ALL of their power, if deceptive intrigues behind the scenes don't stop. We are entering a Time of Reckoning, and we should know its outcome by Christmas. 

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Topics Horoscopes
Episode S8E36
Broadcast Week Sep 12th 2019
Duration 00:28:19
Audience Rating TV-G
Genre Forecast
Theme Well-being & Lifestyle
Language English
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