With negative interest rates, and inverted bond yields, the trans-Atlantic financial system of the City of London and Wall Street have come to the end.  When the point is reached in the history of the post-Bretton Woods floating exchange system, it means there is no where to invest funds to get a financial return in the system. In such a situation, the only place to get an actual financial return is to invest in the massive development projects and collateral economic activity of the Belt and Road.  This is the essence of French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire's statement that a new system is needed, otherwise the new system will be the Belt and Road.  Hong Kong was supposed to be one of the key financial intake points for what one would expect would be massive foreign direct investment in the Belt and Road.  No doubt this is one of the reasons for the ongoing color revolution eruptions in Hong Kong and the massive demonization of China in the U.S. media.  So the question is how do you establish a new system that sucks up all the financing away from the productive economy, away from investments in the infrastructure and industry. This is what Greta Thunberg is all about and her almost psychotic breakdown at the U.N. Climate Summit.  At the same Climate Summit, another speaker, Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, made it clear, the bankers are going green to divert the lending to projects that will not generate development but will suck up all the capital that could.  This is designed to prevent foreign direct investment in China's Belt and Road, as well as devastate those nations and investors that should be participating in the Belt and Road. The British directed global mobilization around the fraud of the climate emergency is the essential form of the assault on the Belt and Road, reindustrialization of the U.S., and the Presidency of Donald Trump, especially since Trump appears to be resisting the drive for military confrontation and war, as we have seen in the firing of John Bolton.  This is the economic face of eco-fascism, and eco-fascism is what is intended for the world as the alternative to LaRouche's Four Laws. 


           Our intervention on this will be strategic.  The LaRouche pamphlet that is now beginning to circulate is very critical and will show, among other things, that eco-fascism is rooted in the British Eugenics Movement and Nazi Germany.  We intend to make the term eco-fascism the universally understood description of the intended bankers dictatorship and the Green New Deal.  In this regard, the space program being promoted by Trump and Modi at the "Howdi Modi" event with 70,000 in attendance is an example of the potential emerging global anti eco-fascist alliance.  


         We must accelerate this process

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