In the now three years’ British intelligence-led coup attempt against President Trump, the latest, pseudo-impeachment phase (an impeachment inquiry ordered by the Speaker without the required vote of the House) is a gamble that the sheer weight of the national media’s coordinated “information warfare” can make the public tolerate a stampede of the House to actual impeachment. If key House Democrats think the gamble is working, they will dig in against “giving the President anything,” including the Moon-Mars adventure.

But this coup against Trump is of the same format, by the very same CIA and FBI forces, for the same British intelligence reasons, as the then-unprecedented persecution and prosecution of economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche during the 1980s, when LaRouche had attained international respect and influence and a strong American grass-roots movement.

LaRouche’s movement today is thus in the unique position to destroy this very vulnerable impeachment-coup attempt, while bringing forward LaRouche’s case again for exoneration.

If coup is broken up, we can see Congress pushed hard from both above and below to fund President Trump’s Moon-Mars vision, which was met with Americans’ excitement and optimism.

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Topics Civil War, Industry, British Empire
Episode S7E34
Broadcast Week Oct 16th 2019
Duration 00:26:35
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Theme Cultural Perspectives
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