While Psychotic Regime Changers Go Wild, A Revolutionary Spirit Is Spreading Worldwide

Oct. 6 (EIRNS)—Drawing a sharp contrast between the actions of crazed central bankers, and the eco-fascists and regime changers they have funded and unleashed, Helga Zepp-LaRouche today, in a Schiller Institute webcast, spoke of the spirit of revolutionary optimism sweeping the globe. The effort to impeach Trump, she said, may very well backfire, as the investigation into the coup by Attorney General Barr and U.S. Attorney Durham continues, with meetings in Britain and Italy, to smoke out the real foreign interference in the 2016 U.S. election—which was not by Russia!

At the same time, the attempt to use the terroristic rampage by “a virulent and loud minority” in Hong Kong, meant to trigger regime change in China, will not succeed, as the vast majority of Chinese people are optimistic about their future, she asserted. The intervention by the British Governor of Hong Kong, Chris Patten, calling for “the people” to form an alternative government in Hong Kong, makes clear the British Empire role behind the coup efforts. The Chinese, she suggested, should demand a full investigation of London’s criminal role in supporting the violent Jacobin mobs who are trying to destroy Hong Kong and China.

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Topics Sustainability, Regime Change, Larouche
Episode S7E35
Broadcast Week Oct 23rd 2019
Duration 00:27:29
Audience Rating TV-G
Genre Variety
Theme Cultural Perspectives
Language English
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