The significance of Trump's decision not to bomb Iran after it was alleged that Iran was responsible for the destruction of half of Saudi oil refining capacity, and Trump's decision not to intervene to protect the Kurds from a possible Turkish military attack, including moving U.S. troops out of the possible combat area, signals the end of the U.S. military role in propping up the British empire and its auxiliaries.  Predictably the entire establishment of the U.S. and the U.S. media is up in arms about "the betrayal of our ally the Kurds."  It appears that President Trump correctly understands that nothing can be resolved in the Middle East until the U.S. ceases to try to control the area on behalf of the multi-nationals, etc, and at the very least cooperate with the regional powers in creating stability.  As President Trump has correctly noted, these nations need to sort it out for themselves.   And, yes, they will, if allowed to do so.  This action by President Trump is a huge nail in the coffin of British geopolitics of divide and conquer.  It also appears that all of this is being coordinated with Russia and the regional powers.


      So why is the President of Turkey threatening to invade Northeastern Syria to attack the Kurds?  It is to help suppress the Kurdish separatist civil war raging inside Turkey, primarily the Southeastern part of Turkey, that has been occurring since 1974.  The Kurds in Syria, the YPG, are allies of the Kurdish separatist movement PKK, and have inclinations not only to help break up Turkey, but also Syria.  The purpose of the threat of Turkish military intervention, which will be intentionally brutal, is to force the Syrian Kurds to stop supporting the Kurdish separatists in Turkey, and to flee into the arms of the Syrian government for protection.  Syria's price for protection is to get these Kurds to accept autonomous rule within a united secular Syria which will help end the conflict that began as the Bernard Lewis plan of fragmenting and destroying all the nations and potential nations in the region.   The Obama administration and the British were playing a double game of getting Turkey to sponsor ISIS, at the same time undermining Turkey by supporting the Kurdish insurrection inside Turkey, using the Kurds to fight not just ISIS, but to do so with the promise of Kurdish independence and the dismemberment of Turkey, Syria, and Iraq where the Kurdish populations are significant.


     What has just happened is enormous, and now if you thought the establishment is hot for impeachment and the removal of the President Trump, it has just got hotter.  If Trump can consolidate the policy of ending the U.S. role as the military enforcer of the empire, the way is open for the new paradigm of cooperation between nations, the Belt and Road, and great positive changes for the world.

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