Many benefits are coming from the New Moon in Scorpio - so "A Done Deal" is possible because the money is there.  Money could come from a raise, promotion, a partner's good fortune, increased credit, a tax refund, loan, insurance, inheritance, grant, or money coming from your employer, family, or friends. Healing is possible since Scorpio rules research and medicine, especially surgery, since you may decide to remove a harmful or life threatening condition - and Justine can be done when covert activities are revealed or an impostor is exposed as the truth pours out and the record is set straight, so our feelings can grow calmer and we can be safer. You still need to KEEP YOUR GUARD UP for two reasons: 1. Any kind of gambling or extravagance could jeopardize your future, and 2. A stubborn, contentious standoff or tense legal matter may create anger among the "old guard" who may seek vengeance. BE CAREFUL AROUND AUTHORITY FIGURES. Still, a "Done Deal" means the money is there - whether it's been announced or not - so enjoy it!

Program Details
Topics Horoscopes
Episode S8E43
Broadcast Week Oct 31st 2019
Duration 00:28:19
Audience Rating TV-G
Genre Forecast
Theme Well-being & Lifestyle
Language English

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