Neo-liberal economics (plunder,) endless increasing bank bailouts, the dominance of behavioral economics and their increasing austerity "nudging" is causing the beginnings of social explosions all over the world.  Lebanon and Iraq's citizens are in full explosion in the Middle East.  Chile, Brazil, Argentina, and other Latin American countries are having  the same. In Chile, the unrest there has forced the cancellation of the APEC Summit, where Trump and Xi were expected to sign a trade deal.  Election results in Italy and Germany point to the same kind of ferment.  France is and has been in an upheaval as French President Emmanuel Macron tightens the bankers squeeze on the population. In the U.K., the forgotten men and women thrown on the economic scrapheap are being actively courted by Boris Johnson, cynically maybe, but at least a recognition of what is coming..  None of this can ultimately be contained.  Only an anti-neo-liberal leadership with an alternative policy in the manner of Lyndon LaRouche's Four Laws can give the social explosion a positive orientation. 


          If the oligarchy and their bankers think they can crush the will of the population to fight them by "nudging" them in a green direction, and cutting off credit to industry under the cover of a climate change emergency, think again.  "Hungry and out of work?  Eat a banker."  That is more like what is coming.  In California, 40 years of infrastructure neglect has led to a state of emergency and an electrical utility system that has to cut off power to millions of customers to prevent fires. 


        This breakdown crisis has no better example than the Congressional vote that has just occurred on a "non-inquiry" impeachment hearing as a prelude to an impeachment bill.  If it was a legal matter it would be under the direction of the House Judiciary Committee, but instead the hearings will be held under the auspices of the House Intelligence Committee, headed by Adam Schiff, which means it is not a legal matter.  Rather, it is a matter of perception which is how intelligence agencies conduct psywar against an enemy population, in this case the U.S. population.   In a crisis, without the intention of doing any good, nor the intention to solve anything, partisanship is all that is left, unless something else is introduced by us and President Trump.

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Topics Neo-liberalism, Break Down, Impeachment
Episode S7E39
Broadcast Week Nov 20th 2019
Duration 00:26:36
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