You may have a price to pay that involves the administration of justice, either about a financial matter, or a legal problem. With four (4) planets in the two fixed financial signs all opposing each other - there may be higher taxes to pay simply because you made more money; or there could be additional fines and penalties due to delinquent or overdue bills; or you may suffer higher costs about medical fees that are not covered by your insurance, as well as higher property taxes; or lower credit rates could expire, and you would have to pay higher fees. And since Neptune will go direct in Pisces on Thanksgiving - secret activities behind the scenes could be revealed soon, or an impostor could be exposed, and Justice would ensue. The price to pay, or the penalty, would be in strict accordance with the severity of the problem. This is an excellent time to face the Truth and a sobering Reality so that "the Greatest Good" can be done for all.

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Topics Horoscopes
Episode S8E46
Broadcast Week Nov 21st 2019
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