Just hearing the voices of the three "legal scholars" plugging the Impeachment of Trump reminded me of why I didn't want to go to graduate school.  Their voices were shrill, arrogant, unnatural, "real winners" one might say.  Their lack of speaking and communication skills was explosive.  Increasing numbers of people are beginning to see with their own mind, and not see what they are being told they are supposed to see.  This process will increase as articles of impeachment will be voted on with no visible crime, just false presumption.  This is a revolutionary process where the mask of legitimacy of the establishment is dissolving.  You saw this with Tucker Carlson, with impish glee, going after the leading vulture capitalist and asset stripper, Paul Singer, someone completely feared in Washington, D.C., and the second largest contributor to the Republican Party.  You saw it with Kamala Harris exiting the Presidential race ultimately after Tulsi Gabbard unmasked her at a debate, and killed her campaign.  A collective consciousness is developing that sees the shallowness and fraud of those being promoted by the media, a consciousness that always existed, but is only now becoming collective.  It is this that the establishment, the elected officials, the permanent government, and the media are trying to quell with these impeachment atmospherics in order to keep an institutional insurrection going against the President, and in doing so are only digging themselves a deeper hole.  


        In the face of this Donald Trump has become much more aggressive on a policy of working with Russia, on nuclear arms reduction, on bringing Russia into the dialogue, and this was made clear by Trump at the NATO meeting, though the media refused to report on this.  As long as Donald Trump maintains a defiant form, this process will accelerate.  But most importantly, this emerging collective anti-establishment conscious is the aperture for introducing the new paradigm of LaRouche's Four Laws, understanding the role of the British, and the necessity of a new financial architecture.

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Topics Impeachment, Financial Crash, British Empire
Episode S7E44
Broadcast Week Dec 25th 2019
Duration 00:26:43
Audience Rating TV-G
Genre Variety
Theme Cultural Perspectives
Language English
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