We will encounter "a bumpy ride" throughout 2020 due to a rare Triple  Eclipse that occurs in June and July, and because "Danger Lurks" between mid-March and the end of May. During the whole last half of the year, Mars will be in Aries and it will be squared forcefully by several planets in Capricorn, so "fireworks" may result. By October, compromise will seem impossible, but the year ends on a high note with an agreement or resolution that gains acceptance because it contains both an expansion, and a restriction. Health problems could rise in the spring due to more heart attacks, back problems, and blood-related illness. A heightened increase in strokes, aneurysms, and head injuries may prevail in the last half of the year. April is the most dangerous month of the year when cyber attacks, aviation accidents, and spaceship failures may occur....so BE CAREFUL. With six (6) eclipses during the year - change and "a bumpy ride" are assured.

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Topics Horoscopes
Episode S9E1
Broadcast Week Jan 2nd 2020
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