The forecast is breakpoint on all fronts. The empire and its ruling oligarchy operates on inducing a population to believe that everyone is corrupt. This is accomplished by appealing to the ego of the individual against society, community, state, and humanity. Once the bond connecting the individual to the community is broken, then one's identity becomes individualistic for itself. Human compassion is destroyed, ego and corruption becomes the actual law. One looks around, that is the world. What difference does it make to be concerned about government, unless its for one's own direct personal profit, or it is voting for the lesser damage, or evil. Passionate leadership is what bridges the individual to the community. Someone is fighting for me and everyone else. Jesus died for me and everyone else. That is leadership. JFK, MLK, and Bobby were killed to make a point. Be corrupt or you will be crushed, or if successful you will die. That is how you destroy a nation. 2020 is the year all of this becomes unhinged and unravels.


      Populations all over the world are hungry. Is one living just to live, just to survive? For what is anyone living for? In the U.S. you have a process where a person of great drama with simple crude speech is activating this quality in the poorest people of the society. The Make America Great Again slogan, for instance, is about a basic reconnection of lost souls to the sense of community. Whether Trump is a con artist, showman, thief, criminal, and all that he is accused of, even if partly true, is irrelevant. It is the response of the population that now defines Trump's identity, not what he was or may have been, nor any projection of establishment influences around him. That is the passion that motivates tens of thousands to brave the cold weather just to be in the company of this whole process. The intellectualized elite have difficulty relating to this because their intellect and ambition has divorced them from such simple, but profound human passions. However, do not underestimate the power of this passion, which is called the mass strike.


      The unfolding of this passion in response to the financial collapse which will occur in 2020, and how that passion is informed will be decisive in terms of what will happen in 2020.   That is the battle now, informing that passion with what must be done.  

Program Details
Topics British Empire, Financial Crash, Impeachment
Episode S8E2
Broadcast Week Jan 8th 2020
Duration 00:00:00
Audience Rating TV-G
Genre Variety
Theme Cultural Perspectives
Language English

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