The year 2020 will be a year of increasing delineation of sides in a global multifaceted conflict spanning every point on the globe.  In the process there will be an increasing recognition to an increasing number that there are two paradigms, one that tries to bring clarity to the world situation, the other that merely wishes to confuse, obfuscate, disrupt, and plunge various parts of the world into zones of intractable conflict.  One that is seeking to outflank these conflicts creatively on behalf of sovereign nations, and build pathways to their resolution, and one that will use every form of subterfuge to stymie such efforts.  What is most important is the principle of discovery.  Those trying to outflank disaster will  increasingly have to discover and pinpoint the source of those creating the subterfuge.  This is where the LaRouche movement has been and will continue to be most vital.  The requirement of collaboration needed to avoid disaster is what creates the lines of communication that ultimately must deal with the biggest coming disaster, the global systemic financial collapse.  In the process there will be no part of the world not engulfed in crisis, conflicts, and attempted resolution of such crises.


         One recent example in this is Turkey and Erdogan.  Not wanting to give up the accumulated terrorist assets with Qatar, Erdogan is being drawn into British influenced permanent war situation that spans most of Africa.  This is the significance of Erdogan's defense of the Muslim Brotherhood operation in Tripoli.  This will draw Turkey into a intractable conflict throughout the region.  Most telling is the split inside the U.S.  The U.S. State Dept. is backing this intervention of Erdogan to save the Muslim Brotherhood and the U.N. supported Government of National Accord, based in Tripoli, while Trump is backing General Haftar's Libyan National Army and the legitimately elected government residing in Tobruk.  Putin will meet with Erdogan next week.  How will this be creatively handled by Putin and Trump, against the U.S. State Dept.,and what pressures or appeasements will be deployed to get Erdogan to change course, or vice-versa what operations will encourage Erdogan to drown Turkey into an endless war in Africa. This is only one example of what can be expected all over the world.


         In the year 2020, the world's leading banker, Mark Carney, head of the Bank of England and Chairman of the Financial Stability Board, will be "elevated" to the position of U.N Envoy on Climate Action and Finance, in order to better conduct a war on industrial civilization through cutting off of bank credit to fossil fuel energy related investment and activity, and industries that use fossil fuels.  More subterfuge.  How will this be dealt with by nations that are going to suffer from this?  Certainly not within the existing structures of banking.  You want your nation to survive, well nations can create their own credit.  Another necessary discovery to answer the subterfuge.  


         This is what one can expect in 2020.  Nothing is predetermined.  It is all to be determined.

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Topics Economy, Endless War, The Future
Episode S8E4
Broadcast Week Jan 22nd 2020
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