It is hard to describe the incredible contradictions in the murder of Qassim Soulemani. Soulemani was traveling to meet the Iraqi Prime Minister in a diplomatic capacity on a Trump initiated dialogue between Saudi Arabia and Iran to begin settling the ongoing long term religious war between the Shiites and the Wahabbis instigated by the British and prior U.S. administrations. The part that most people miss is that such a dialogue, if it developed, would end the current wars in the area, and end the imperial system, as now the Saudis and Iranians could act on their own behalf, without imperial mediation. Both would then be free to join the Belt and Road. This would be the greatest strategic blow to the empire. One can only imagine the internal freak out this would cause within the Trump administration, the bankers, the Military Industrial Complex, and the usual suspects.  


          Then you have the impeachment process which is still ongoing. Along with this you have the financial collapse which will happen. The U.S. President is the apex of all the pressures from all the interests. Putin and Xi's back channel dialogues with Trump represent one dimension of the pressures. The insane " pro-Israel" psychotic evangelicals are another set of pressures, not to speak of the military industrial "keep all wars going," complex which Trump has alluded to. Then the pressures from the bankers threatening to crash the stock market and blame it on Trump. Trump's nine minute response to the non-lethal Iranian attack is also schizophrenic, "we want peace, but we are going to increase the sanctions." This state of policy schizophrenia can not last. There will be a resolution in the near term, either nuclear war or a new paradigm. Helga's call for a three major power crisis summit involving China, Russia, and U.S., is key for there to be an intervention with a new economic paradigm, and new security architecture for all nations, starting with guaranteeing the security of Iran.

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Topics Endless War, British Empire, Southwest Asia
Episode S8E5
Broadcast Week Jan 29th 2020
Duration 00:27:59
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