Greg Palast in partnership with former Air America and Pacifica producer Cary Harrison created this video called “Reality Checkr” for Pirate TV. It tells the story of Jevin LeMar, a young rapper now starting to gain industry recognition who came up in Dayton, Ohio, one of the poorest jurisdictions in the country. Two of LeMar’s cousins were recently killed in a mass shooting.

After the interview with LaMar, the video goes to Greg Palast who fills in the wider story relating to Jevin’s life in Dayton, vote suppression in Ohio, and brings us up to date with the latest in Greg’s ongoing investigation of vote rigging in the US.

Greg Palast is a Puffin Foundation fellow in investigative reporting who was a reporter for BBC Newsnight for 20 years. He now writes for the Rolling Stone and the Guardian USA. Palast is the author of the New York Times bestseller, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, now a feature documentary, and several other best-selling books. He is a regular guest on FStv via, Democracy Now!, the Thom Hartmann Show, and Pirate TV.

Cary Harrison (formerly Air America and Pacifica/KPFK) is a pro radio and TV host with his own TV studio in Hollywood called Go Harrison Studios.

Thanks to Greg Palast and Cary Harrison 1/15/20

Program Details
Topics Rap Music, Poverty, Election Theft
Episode S9E4
Broadcast Week Jan 27th 2020
Duration 00:58:00
Audience Rating TV-G
Genre Action
Theme Academic & Education
Language English

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