Every human on the planet is a party, as well as a privileged witness in one way or another, to the end of an epoch. No, we are not going into the new "age of Aquarius." No, we are not going into the "end of history." None of that is real. Great changes in human history generally occur at points of great existential crisis. The dinosaurs reached their apex, only in their demise to pave the way for mammals. Our current equivalent, the historical oligarchies of feudalism, slavery, peonage, money changing, permanent wars, colonialism, and the struggle of all against all are now like the dinosaurs at their apex, with their demise swiftly occurring. If there is to be continued human survival on this earth, all of these predatory systems of oligarchical power can not continue. The human survival necessity of scientific and technological progress will not allow for the continued existence of this oligarchy. Last week in Davos, Switzerland, this oligarchy came out in full bloom to assert their desperate dead end apocalyptic world view against science and technological progress, as Trump correctly inferred in his Davos presentation. These financiers of the oligarchy are now saying that the coming collapse of the banks is due to "climate change." This desperation is also evident in the impeachment process of Trump in the U.S..


     Often in times like this, pandemics occur. The Coronavirus coming out of Wuhan is starting to look as possibly one of those pandemics that comes at the end of an epoch. Many anti-China mongers in the Western media are blaming China for the outbreak of the virus. This kind of evil propaganda can only help the Coronavirus to spread for sabotaging the spirit of cooperation and coordination. It is beginning to look like only a global economic mobilization coordinating an international defense of humanity against this virus is going to have any possibility of success. In many areas, natural law has a way of forcing us to make choices that change our world view if we want to survive, and this is one such example. We definitely are living through the end of an epoch. What could emerges will be much bigger in relative terms than the last European Renaissance, also referenced at Davos by Trump, as we consolidate survival from the collapse of the European oligarchy, and prepare ourselves for the conquest of space and the colonization of the solar system.

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Topics End Of System, Impeachment, Economy
Episode S8E7
Broadcast Week Feb 12th 2020
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