The long anticipated New Hampshire primary is over. Bernie, the winner at 25.7%, is going extreme green, claiming that global warming is worse that what the scientists are saying.  Buttigieg, second at 24.4%, is backed by the intelligence community and wants to be first gay president with a first gay male "first lady." The front runner, "sleepy Joe" came in 5th at 8.4%.  "Pocahontas" Warren, from neighboring Massachusetts, came in 4th at 9.2%. In answer to a question from a child having sexual identity issues, Warren said she would have a 9 year old transgender vet the appointment of the Secretary of Health and Education. Warren also said that she would promote the laws and create the enforcement apparatus to criminally prosecute anyone disseminating "disinformation." Bloomberg who was not on the ballot in New Hampshire, is pouring millions in to buy the black vote in South Carolina, the next primary. However, Bloomberg was just exposed with a very racist comment he made at the 2015 Aspen Institute about his "stop and frisk" program when he was Mayor of New York. For the vast majority of Americans there is nothing in all of this for them.  


      Meanwhile in the rest of the world, led by the "honest broker" Vladimir Putin, progress is being made in resolving many of the intractable conflicts as Putin is organizing to resolve the Ukraine mess with Ukraine, and the century long standing British and French created messes in the Middle East later adopted by the U.S. China is moving forward in science and advanced technology and there is a huge alarm over China's 5G, the next platform for industrial, commercial, and administrative applications. A new Sputnik moment is now upon the West if they want to keep pace with China. To keep pace, the West is going to require the economic policies proposed by Lyndon LaRouche.

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Broadcast Week Feb 26th 2020
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