The battle in the world and in the U.S. is whether a banker's dictatorship in most of the world can be imposed ahead of the next financial reckoning. The 190 billionaires at Davos, the motion to impose draconian carbon taxes in every state and every nation, the Presidential campaign of Mike Bloomberg and his pledged $2 billion to be used to promote a green bankers dictatorship, and provide the advertising context to the continuing institutional insurrection against President Trump, and other such overt actions against humanity, are just part of the imperial response to the new paradigm of Lyndon LaRouche that is globally emerging.

  In this context the behavior of Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pompeo at the Munich Security Conference was an all out hysterical assault on China as the dire threat to "democracy" by "5G" technology, the rules based order, etc. Meanwhile the big scandal is that the Swiss firm handling the encryption for most companies and governments in the world has been found to be jointly owned by the CIA, and the German equivalent, the BND. China's great crime is that their corruption by the empire did not proceed as indented. China's rapid development and its global consequences is now being assaulted everywhere in the West in fits of extreme hysteria, including on FOX news where Tucker Calrson claimed that China hates Americans.


        Another evidence of this kind of hysteria is the mobilization of all current Federal judges in the nation, and all former Department of Justice employees to demand the resignation of Bill Barr. Such judicial hysteria has never been seen before. It most likely means that Barr and his associates are moving toward criminal indictments of major players in the illegal operations run against the U.S. President. This would dramatically threatens the whole enforcement arm of the empire.

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Topics Economy, Election 2020, Corona Virus
Episode S8E9
Broadcast Week Mar 4th 2020
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