The systemic break down moment has arrived. Outside of China, the decades of hollowed out economic capacity cannot deal with the coronavirus emergency. Nor can the "rules based order" financial system deal with the loss of economic transactions caused by the effects of the loss of consumption and travel that is now occurring in China and globally as a result of the epidemic, and which will most likely increase. One of the key factors in this is "globalization." That is under the WTO and GATT nations gave up their economic self-sufficiency and sovereignty for a just in time global distribution system that is very vulnerable, and which also not coincidentally allows the "rules based order" to economically blackmail those nations that do not go along by disrupting their economy through sanctions, or cutting off a crucial component for the function of their economy. Right now the stock market is falling and the interest rates on government bonds are dropping as investors leave the stock market. This is causing a crisis in the $600 trillion over counter derivatives market where 80% of the action is tied to interest rate swaps.
 But perhaps the biggest breakdown crisis is what we saw Tuesday in the South Carolina Democratic Presidential debate. All the Democratic candidates are fighting each other over who is the most credible person to implement the neo-Malthusian green depopulation agenda. At this point these candidates, their personality disorders, and their insanity, especially over which one will come out on top of the heap, is now merely a distraction and subterfuge against the reality of what must be done.  The economic mobilization to deal with the crisis is going to require LaRouche's Four Laws. It is going to require a credit system, a new financial architecture between nations, and a crash science mobilization like what the Chinese are doing to deal with the coronavirus. As this situation unfolds, the institution of the Presidency will have to be the rallying point for such a mobilization. Our efforts in this respect will be crucial. If that is not enough U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo is mobilizing publicly to get Turkey to go to war with Syria and Russia saying that Turkey will be backed by NATO in their now military war with Syria. Again Erdogan is acting as British agent. He wants to be a ruler in the hell of perpetual war, rather than take advantage of the potential that ending all these wars will have for Turkey's future.  

  In this context, we also have a break out around Bill Binney and the false Russian hack narrative which is at the center of the whole edifice of lies being used to prevent Trump from working with Putin. With Trump's response to the travesty of the Roger Stone case and the type of pardons he has just done, we see the beginnings of taking down the corrupt criminal justice system that is the domestic enforcement arm of the empire.  All of this potentially points in the direction toward LaRouche's exoneration.  

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Topics Corona Virus, Market Failure, World War Iii
Episode S8E10
Broadcast Week Mar 11th 2020
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