With "nattering nabob green billionaires of negativity" like Mike Bloomberg and Tom Steyer running for the Democratic nomination spending gazillions in TV ads and then dropping out, in Bloomberg's case perhaps spending as much as a one $billion, along side an actual senile front runner, and in close second an aging, with a recent heart attack, self-professed green radical socialist, one has to ask, can these candidates see themselves as they are increasingly being seen by the general population?  And their big issue is Putin, the alleged actual real Democratic opponent for the U.S. Presidency behind Trump that is manipulating electoral events even before they occur. It would seem that advanced dementia is setting into the process of choosing the Democratic nominee for President. Why? One possible reason is that the British empire is going for chaos and massive cognitive dissonance as the break down crisis of the financial system occurs, so as to prevent the emergence of the greatest threat to the empire, a functioning U.S. President in times of great emergency. Historically, in such a time of crisis, the tradition is for all parties to come together around the executive to deal with the crisis. Preventing this is probably one of the real issues behind this electoral insanity.


      On the Coronavirus, here is a link to a report of China's effort by the visiting WHO officials to China.  


      The importance is the way China is mobilizing science, technology, and human resources in a way that demonstrates how humanity in the future will be able to deal with these kinds of pandemics which have been the scourge throughout history. The effect of the virus on the real economy and that effect on the financial system can be the final straw that brings the whole system down. Either way, the issue is the ability to mobilize in depth a nation to deal with any catastrophe which creates the requirement for LaRouche's four Laws.



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