This is a "Now or Never" moment of opportunity for you because the planets are so favorable that their overwhelming strength  can reinforce your own, and help you to achieve success. Although you may have to make a hard decision, or form a plan based on the harsh reality of a situation - your victory is assured eventually if you take slow, sure steps toward it. Since there are NO planets in the fire signs - this is NOT a time for "quick fixes" or hasty actions. After careful consideration, your choice may be postponed if you don't want to follow the old fashioned method of doing hard work for long hours - so you may choose to by very supportive of someone else who is agreeing to  face harsh reality and solve difficult problems. You can offer kindly moral support, and help them in small, but meaningful ways instead because there are nine (9) planets in total harmony now.

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Topics Horoscopes
Episode S9E12
Broadcast Week Mar 19th 2020
Duration 00:00:00
Audience Rating TV-G
Genre Forecast
Theme Well-being & Lifestyle
Language English

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