There is no going back. The system as we know it is done. LaRouche's Four Laws are on the table. In Trump's 10 minute address to the nation 3/11/20, the executive orders and emergency measures that have to be made will completely violate the system of "too big to fail, too big to jail." The money for all of that has to come from somewhere. That is the same process that would lead to Glass-Steagall, that is through executive order in a banking collapse. This is the same process that would lead to an industrial-infrastructure mobilization. The Chinese are demonstrating this with their total "people's war" mobilization to deal with the Coronavirus

  Meanwhile the efforts to turn whole parts of the world into chaos are escalating. Trump does not control the military policy. China is being attacked at every turn, and Turkey and Saudi Arabia have become very unstable. Trump has also quarantined travel between the U.S. and Europe to stop the Coronavirus from coming to the U.S.  

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Topics Covid 19, Supply Chain, President Trump
Episode S8E12
Broadcast Week Mar 25th 2020
Duration 00:00:00
Audience Rating TV-G
Genre Variety
Theme Cultural Perspectives
Language English

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