First on the COVID 19 outbreak:  There are all kinds of theories. One says China did it, because all things evil come from China. The other says the U.S. did it to cripple China and stop the Belt and Road.  Another says that Soros and Gates did it to depopulate the planet with a follow up fake vaccine. Others say it is other things of that type. No matter how plausible and/or coincidental all this might be, my personal views are leaning in the direction of Dr. Michael Osterholm, a leading biological warfare and infectious disease expert in primarily respiratory diseases. This also coheres with the LaRouche organization's almost 50 years of warning, including the 1974 pandemic holocaust report put out by the movement. Below is a description of the 1974 report. 


          What Oserholm says in links sent to you earlier is that there is no way the virus was manufactured. This is based on his extensive study of the genome sequences of this virus and others like it, along with his knowledge of bio warfare manufacturing methods. Osterholm has been warning about a likely species jump in this area for a long time and other areas, and has written books on it. In 1974 biological holocaust report projected the effects of bankers looting, and IMF conditionalities leading to lowering nutritional levels of populations, making it easier for new pandemics as well as the return of old pandemics.  

 The decision by Trump to mobilize a broken down post-industrial, consumer oriented, and primarily service sector employed economy to deal with the epidemic is now forcing into action increasingly, day to day, a reorientation toward an economy that has to produce physically for the survival of the nation. This includes mobilizing the Army Corps of Engineers, the National Guard, and potentially all of the people not able to work at this time, mobilizing the economy in a very different direction than what it has been. Trump is trying to do two things, one which will not work, another which is absolutely essential. Both are being mixed in together. One is to bail out the banks and the stock market via massive purchases of financial instruments. The other is to keep the physical economy, which is temporarily being shut down, in a condition to be able to come back by protecting the workforce and the infrastructure. All kinds of tax credits and payments are in the process of being made to those being economically affected, including especially small businesses. Some of this will not work to stimulate the economy. Part of this will most likely be moratoriums by state governments on mortgages and electrical bills to keep people in their homes. This seems to be beginning in California. As time passes, and it becomes impossible to bail out the financial system, then critical actions will be needed to separate the commercial part of the banking sector from the speculative hedge fund system and the quadrillions of derivatives and related financial instruments, or essentially create domestically a new system.. The problem is that most people have their savings wrapped up in 401Ks and these are invested in the stock market. Upon loss of their savings they are going to need help from the government to stay alive while a transition is made to a productive system.  


     Despite the problems in what Trump is doing in the liquidity pumping, the important point is the dialogue between the President and the population as the crisis deepens, and a commitment not to surrender to chaos under any circumstances that might arise. One thing is certain. The dreams of empire and a New World Order and Globalization are fully dead from now on. It is now up to us to create a better, different world.

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