Richard Dearlove of former MI-6 directorship, co-founder of the Jackson Society and the mentor of Christopher Steele, along with the whole gaggle of operatives in the U.S. around Russiagate have launched the lies on China. Fully exposing and flipping this by connecting the two, coincident with the soon possible exoneration of Michael Flynn, and the indictment of John Brennan, must be the next flank of our mobilization. Professor Neil Ferguson is an example of one of the "authorities" caught lying about Chinese flights out of Wuhan to spread the virus after Wuhan was locked down.  


       The problem with the U.S. is that except for the person voted in as U.S. President in the last election, the establishment institutions are all part of the British empire. Americans, like most of the world, are currently prisoners of the British empire. Donald Trump is the leader of the internal American insurrection that has been building over decades against the British empire overlords that are the rulers of the United States. This is the same insurrection that has been building in other parts of the world. The situation with this global insurrection has been further complicated by the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. The British are playing both sides as always. Lock-down versus opening up. Concern for human life versus herd immunity.  


        The path to the continuing success of the global insurrection against the British Empire, which leads in part through the election of Donald Trump, which leads to a new paradigm, which leads to a new financial architecture to replace the collapsing financial system, has now become a matter of whether Trump can handle two aspects. One aspect is dealing with the COVID-19 effectively balancing between the lock-down and opening-up, The other is to come out of the lock-down with a multi-trillion dollar infrastructure program. That is were we are 6 months before the U.S. election.

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Topics Food Shortage, British Empire, Election 2020
Episode S8E20
Broadcast Week May 20th 2020
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