Week Series Program Name Episode Rating Language
2019-12-08 Gospel of the Last Days Yearning Part 2 S2E49  TV-G English
2019-12-08 There is Hope TV What Fire Burns in You S4E40 TV-G English
2019-12-08 John Militaru Ministries 7588 S8E37  TV-G English
2019-12-08 Supreme Master TV Homecoming - Rediscovery of Original Universe - 4 S1E27  TV-G English
2019-12-08 Wongel From Bethel Forgivenes S8E21  TV-G Amharic
2019-12-08 Ethio Youth Media TV UW Horn of Africa Initiative S8E8 TV-G English
2019-12-05 STARBORN STARBORN The Long Way Home S8E48  TV-G English
2019-12-05 Truth vs. NEW$, Inc. Ukraine case implodes? Dec. 2. S8E46  TV-G English
2019-12-05 Beyond the Headlines Beyond the Headlines 12 5 19 S8E23  TV-G English
2019-12-05 Reggae in Seattle Reggae in Seattle S1E19  TV-G English
2019-12-04 All-ways Pursuing Truth TvNI for Dec 2, 1st hr. Impeachment implosion. S8E46  TV-G English
2019-12-04 General Welfare Presents GWP Glumaz, LaRouche WAR 11 13 19 S7E41  TV-G English
2019-12-04 Talking Stick Biggest Lie Ever Told - Capital City S8E38  TV-G English
2019-12-01 There is Hope TV Chiggers and People S4E39 TV-G English
2019-12-01 John Militaru Ministries 7587 S8E36  TV-G English
2019-12-01 Supreme Master TV Homecoming -Rediscovery of Original Universe -3 S1E26  TV-G English
2019-12-01 Ethio Youth Media TV University of Washington Horn of Africa Initiative S8E7 TV-G English
2019-11-28 STARBORN STARBORN Standing Tall S8E47 TV-G English
2019-11-28 Truth vs. NEW$, Inc. Thank You for caring enough... S8E45 TV-G English
2019-11-28 Beyond the Headlines Beyond the Headlines 11-28-2019 S8E22 TV-G English