Week Series Program Name Episode Rating Language
2019-09-16 Gays For Jesus Something is Wrong with our Walk in Christ 8-28-19 S8E25 TV-G English
2019-08-05 Gays For Jesus God is Just You Might Not Like it 07-29-2019 S8E23  TV-G English
2019-07-29 Gays For Jesus Church is not Rapture Ready 07-18-2019 S8E22  TV-G English
2019-07-15 Gays For Jesus Grief Suffering Sorrow Pain Persecution 07-08-2019 S8E21  TV-G English
2019-07-08 Gays For Jesus Lincoln Park Prophecy in Stages 06-22-2019 S8E20  TV-G English
2019-07-01 Gays For Jesus British Museum Last Days coming Fast 05-20-2019 S8E19  TV-G English
2019-06-24 Gays For Jesus Hotel T4 really time to get right with God 5/19/19 S8E18  TV-G English
2019-06-17 Gays For Jesus Tower Bridge End Time Church 05-18-2019 S8E17  TV-G English
2019-06-03 Gays For Jesus Stonehenge Time to turn to God 05-17-2019 S8E16  TV-G English
2019-05-27 Gays For Jesus Buckingham Palace Gospel 05-16-2019 S8E15  TV-G English
2019-04-22 Gays For Jesus Your sons & your daughters shall prophesy 04-13-19 S8E14  TV-G English
2019-04-15 Gays For Jesus Tares and Christians 03-09-2019 S8E13  TV-G English
2019-04-08 Gays For Jesus Guilt Or Conviction 03-29-2019 S8E12  TV-G English
2019-04-01 Gays For Jesus Eternity Coming 03-21-2019 S8E11  TV-G English
2019-03-25 Gays For Jesus Dont Fall Away 03-18-2019 S8E10  TV-G English
2019-03-11 Gays For Jesus Be Endured With The Holy Spirit 01-31-2019A S8E8  TV-G English
2019-03-04 Gays For Jesus Jesus Returning Soon 02-01-2019 S8E7  TV-G English
2019-02-25 Gays For Jesus Be Endured With The Holy Spirit 01-31-2019 S8E6  TV-G English
2019-02-18 Gays For Jesus Baptism in the Holy Spirit Important 01-30-2019 S8E5  TV-G English
2019-02-11 Gays For Jesus Three Baptisms 01-29-2019 S8E4  TV-G English