Week Series Program Name Episode Rating Language
2017-11-26 Gays For Jesus 14 Verses Do Not Say Gay Is Sin S6E46  TV-G English
2017-11-19 Gays For Jesus get baptized in the holy spirit S6E45  TV-G English
2017-11-12 Gays For Jesus Str8s Kings And Queens Of Sexual Immorality S6E44  TV-G English
2017-11-05 Gays For Jesus Great Changes Coming S6E43  TV-G English
2017-10-29 Gays For Jesus Perilous Times Coming S6E42  TV-G English
2017-10-22 Gays For Jesus Pre-Trib False Doctrine S6E41  TV-G English
2017-10-15 Gays For Jesus New World Order Coming S6E40  TV-G English
2017-10-08 Gays For Jesus Endtime Events Coming Faster Than Ever S6E39  TV-G English
2017-10-01 Gays For Jesus 100117antichristandthepeacedeal S6E38  TV-G English
2017-09-24 Gays For Jesus Antichrist Tribulation Period And More S6E37  TV-G English
2017-09-17 Gays For Jesus Antichrist Has Noticeable Behaviors S6E36  TV-G English
2017-09-10 Gays For Jesus Antichrist Protector Of Israel S6E35  TV-G English
2017-09-03 Gays For Jesus Delphi Temples Not About Gays Either S6E34  TV-G English
2017-09-03 Gays For Jesus Rapture Coming Not Right Away S6E33  TV-G English
2017-08-13 Gays For Jesus Paul preached at Unknown God Statue S6E32  TV-G English
2017-08-13 Gays For Jesus 08132017feasttrainairporttowailingwall S6E31  TV-G English
2017-08-06 Gays For Jesus Antichrist Satan Trib Rapture Coming Soon S6E30  TV-G English
2017-07-30 Gays For Jesus satan Great Trib Wedding Gown S6E29  TV-G English
2017-07-16 Gays For Jesus Why Did Jesus Come S6E28  TV-G English
2017-07-02 Gays For Jesus Rise Of The Demigods S6E27  TV-G English