Week Series Program Name Episode Rating Language
2017-05-07 Gays For Jesus Disobedience S6E19  TV-G English
2017-04-30 Gays For Jesus Signs Before Tribulation Period S6E18  TV-G English
2017-04-23 Gays For Jesus Signs Of Jesus Return Are About To Be Seen S6E17  TV-G English
2017-04-16 Gays For Jesus Bible Does Not Say Gay Is Sin S6E16  TV-G English
2017-04-09 Gays For Jesus 041017christianturntoantichrist S6E15  TV-G English
2017-04-02 Gays For Jesus Things Are Changing Be Ready S6E14  TV-G English
2017-03-26 Gays For Jesus Passion of Christ S6E13  TV-G English
2017-03-19 Gays For Jesus Antichrist must have a successfull and working system to rule S6E12  TV-G English
2017-03-12 Gays For Jesus Punishment Time For The USA S6E11  TV-G English
2017-03-05 Gays For Jesus Love Thy Neighbor S6E10  TV-G English
2017-02-26 Gays For Jesus Antichrist Must Rise S6E9  TV-G English
2017-02-19 Gays For Jesus 021917jesusdiedforyoursins S6E8  TV-G English
2017-02-12 Gays For Jesus 021217antichristdelusiondecernment S6E7  TV-G English
2017-02-05 Gays For Jesus 020617sodomiteisnotanotherworforgay S6E6  TV-G English
2017-01-29 Gays For Jesus Seven Missing Years In Prophecy S6E5  TV-G English
2017-01-22 Gays For Jesus God Pours Out His Spirit On All Flesh S6E4  TV-G English
2017-01-15 Gays For Jesus The End Is Much Closer Now S6E3  TV-G English
2017-01-08 Gays For Jesus 010817worldwar3antichrist S6E2  TV-G English
2017-01-01 Gays For Jesus Gays Will Lead People S6E1  TV-G English
2016-12-25 Gays For Jesus 122516antichristshouldbevisiblenow S5E44  TV-G English