Week Series Program Name Episode Rating Language
2015-09-13 Pirate Television piratetv 15 9 21 chappell S4E34  TV-G English
2015-09-06 Pirate Television Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz: An Indigenous Peoples History of the United States S4E33  TV-G English
2015-08-30 Pirate Television Boots Riley: We are the Bomb S4E32  TV-G English
2015-08-23 Pirate Television Brian Willson: Empire As A Way Of Life S4E31  TV-G English
2015-08-16 Pirate Television David Cobb: End Corporate Rule Legalize Democracy S4E30  TV-G English
2015-08-09 Pirate Television Bernie Sanders: Towards a Political Revolution S4E29  TV-G English
2015-08-02 Pirate Television Per Espen Stoknes: How To Build Support for Climate Policy S4E28  TV-G English
2015-07-12 Pirate Television Rev Osagyefo Sekou Ferguson Faith and the Future of Democracy S4E27  TV-G English
2015-06-28 Pirate Television Max Blumenthal: The 51 Day War S4E26  TV-G English
2015-06-28 Pirate Television Stephen Witt with Sean Nelson- How Music Got Free S4E25  TV-G English
2015-06-21 Pirate Television Steve Shapiro: The State of Civil Liberties at the Supreme Court S4E24  TV-G English
2015-06-14 Pirate Television Lawrence Lessig and Marianne Williamson: The New Hampshire Rebellion Comes to Seattle S4E23  TV-G English
2015-06-07 Pirate Television Rally for Kshama S4E22  TV-G English
2015-05-31 Pirate Television Ben Stewart: Dont Trust Dont Fear Dont Beg S4E21  TV-G English
2015-05-24 Pirate Television Mark Stein: American Panic- A History of Who Scares Us and Why S4E20  TV-G English
2015-05-10 Pirate Television Joseph Stiglitz- Income Inequality and American Democracy S4E19  TV-G English
2015-05-03 Pirate Television David Korten: From Serving Money to Serving Life A Sacred Story for Our Time S4E18  TV-G English
2015-05-03 Pirate Television Gary Wenk Ph D: Your Brain on Food S4E17  TV-G English
2015-04-26 Pirate Television Chris Soghoian: Reining in Our Surveillance Society S4E16  TV-G English
2015-04-12 Pirate Television Robert Scheer: They Know Everything About You S4E15  TV-G English