Week Series Program Name Episode Rating Language
2015-03-22 Pirate Television The High Stakes Testing Scam and How You Can Opt-Out S4E14  TV-G English
2015-03-22 Pirate Television Chris Hedges: Wages of Rebellion Part One S4E13  TV-G English
2015-03-22 Pirate Television Chris Hedges: Wages of Rebellion Part 2 S4E12  TV-G English
2015-03-15 Pirate Television Omar Barghouti: The BDS Movement Explained S4E11  TV-G English
2015-03-08 Pirate Television Michael Shermer- The Scientific Approach to Morality S4E10  TV-G English
2015-03-01 Pirate Television Christian Appy: American Reckoning S4E9  TV-G English
2015-02-22 Pirate Television LWV Forum: Hospital Mergers - How Will They Affect Your Care? S4E8  TV-G English
2015-02-15 Pirate Television Loretta Napoleoni: The Islamic State Redrawing the Middle East S4E7  TV-G English
2015-02-08 Pirate Television Jelani Brown Lem Howell: Fight for Your Rights in 2015! S4E6  TV-G English
2015-02-01 Pirate Television Nazila Fathi: The Evolution of Iran S4E5  TV-G English
2015-01-25 Pirate Television Kathleen Moore Rachelle McCabe: Variations on a Theme of Extinction S4E4  TV-G English
2015-01-18 Pirate Television Michael Nagler: Metta Center Roadmap for an Unstoppable Nonviolent Movement S4E3  TV-G English
2015-01-11 Pirate Television Dahr Jamail: Resource Wars Resistance S4E2  TV-G English
2015-01-04 Pirate Television Public Meeting: From Ferguson to Staten Island The Whole System is Guilty S4E1  TV-G English
2014-12-07 Pirate Television Shane Harris: Cyber War The Militarys Future S3E67  TV-G English
2014-12-07 Pirate Television Climate Change in the Pacific Northwest Forum S3E66  TV-G English
2014-11-23 Pirate Television Patrick Bond: Climate Change Global Health and Social Advocacy: Connecting Dots and Jumping Scale S3E65  TV-G English
2014-11-16 Pirate Television David Hartsough: Waging Peace S3E64  TV-G English
2014-11-09 Pirate Television Alan Durning and Dave Ross: Buying the Ballot Box S3E63  TV-G English
2014-11-02 Pirate Television James Tracy: Organizing to Stop Displacement S3E62  TV-G English