Week Series Program Name Episode Rating Language
2017-10-22 Pirate Television Alfred McCoy: The Rise and Decline of US Global Power S6E38  TV-G English
2017-10-22 Pirate Television piratetv 17 10 30 sharotm4v S6E37  TV-G English
2017-10-15 Pirate Television Raj Patel: A History of the World in Seven Cheap Things S6E36  TV-G English
2017-10-08 Pirate Television piratetv 17 10 16 lappem4v S6E35  TV-G English
2017-10-01 Pirate Television Gilad Atzmon: The Post Political Condition S6E34  TV-G English
2017-09-24 Pirate Television Peter Ward: Climate Scientist Meets Direct Action Activists S6E33  TV-G English
2017-09-17 Pirate Television Vanessa Grigoriadis: Sex Power and Consent on Campus S6E32  TV-G English
2017-09-10 Pirate Television John Nichols: Horsemen of the Trumpocalypse S6E31  TV-G English
2017-08-13 Pirate Television Sarah Sentilles: Draw Your Weapons S6E30  TV-G English
2017-08-13 Pirate Television piratetv 17 8 21 elamm4v S6E29  TV-G English
2017-08-06 Pirate Television Terry Jastrow: What If Bush Was Tried for War Crimes? S6E28  TV-G English
2017-07-23 Pirate Television Dr Willie Parker: A Moral Argument for Choice S6E27  TV-G English
2017-07-16 Pirate Television Betsy Hartmann: Optimism is Essential for Social Change S6E26  TV-G English
2017-07-09 Pirate Television David Barsamian: Winning Independent Media S6E25  TV-G English
2017-06-25 Pirate Television China Miville: The Story of the Russian Revolution S6E24  TV-G English
2017-06-25 Pirate Television Naomi Klein with Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor in Seattle S6E23  TV-G English
2017-06-18 Pirate Television Kate Moore: The Radium Girls S6E22  TV-G English
2017-06-11 Pirate Television Manolo De Los Santos: US-Cuba Relations in the Age of Trump S6E21  TV-G English
2017-05-28 Pirate Television Ilan Papp: Prospects for Peace: Facts and Fiction S6E20  TV-G English
2017-05-21 Pirate Television Tax the Rich! Town Hall with Kshama Sawant Trump-Proof Seattle S6E19  TV-G English