Week Series Program Name Episode Rating Language
2017-05-14 Pirate Television piratetv 17 5 22 wyman 1m4v S6E18  TV-G English
2017-04-30 Pirate Television Hedrick Smith: Aftershocks From the Populist Earthquake of 2016 S6E17  TV-G English
2017-04-23 Pirate Television David Callahan with Paul Shoemaker: Wealth Power and Philanthropy S6E16  TV-G English
2017-04-16 Pirate Television Thomas Frank: Why Democrats Lose S6E15  TV-G English
2017-04-09 Pirate Television Ganesh Sitaraman with Paul Constant: A Constitution for Economic Equality S6E14  TV-G English
2017-04-02 Pirate Television Alison McDowell: Future Ready Schools S6E13  TV-G English
2017-03-26 Pirate Television Rosenblum Early and Dodson: Labor Movements that Work S6E12  TV-G English
2017-03-19 Pirate Television Camille Paglia: Free Women Free Men S6E11  TV-G English
2017-03-12 Pirate Television Post-Incarceration the Long Road Back S6E10  TV-G English
2017-03-05 Pirate Television Joel Berg and Matt Taibbi: Finding Common Ground in America S6E9  TV-G English
2017-02-26 Pirate Television Jeff Robinson: ACLU v Donald Trump S6E8  TV-G English
2017-02-19 Pirate Television Florence Williams: Your Brain on Nature S6E7  TV-G English
2017-02-12 Pirate Television Dying and Living in the Neighborhood S6E6  TV-G English
2017-01-29 Pirate Television Lance Bennett: Economic and Democratic System Breakdown S6E5  TV-G English
2017-01-22 Pirate Television Sarah van Gelder: The Revolution Where You Live S6E4  TV-G English
2017-01-15 Pirate Television Richard Gammon: An Update on Climate Science S6E3  TV-G English
2017-01-08 Pirate Television Gary Taubes: The Case Against Sugar S6E2  TV-G English
2017-01-01 Pirate Television Dr Riyadh Lafta: Life in Baghdad today: Thirteen years after the US invasion what is the state of S6E1  TV-G English
2016-12-25 Pirate Television Hanna Brooks Olsen: Why Do We Vote The Way We Do? S5E51  TV-G English
2016-12-11 Pirate Television Tars Sands Valve Turners Direct Action S5E50  TV-G English