Week Series Program Name Episode Rating Language
2016-12-11 Pirate Television piratetv 16 12 19 goldrick-rabm4v S5E49  TV-G English
2016-12-04 Pirate Television Dr Emeran Mayer: The Mind-Gut Connection S5E48  TV-G English
2016-11-27 Pirate Television Gary Younge: Another Day in the Death of America S5E47  TV-G English
2016-11-20 Pirate Television Community Solar S5E46  TV-G English
2016-11-13 Pirate Television Carl Safina: What Animals Think and Feel S5E45  TV-G English
2016-11-06 Pirate Television Chuck Collins: Born on Third Base S5E44  TV-G English
2016-10-30 Pirate Television piratetv 16 11 7 scrantonm4v S5E43  TV-G English
2016-10-23 Pirate Television Greg Palast: Cross Check- Motherlode of Vote Purge Scams S5E42  TV-G English
2016-10-16 Pirate Television No Way To Treat A Child S5E41  TV-G English
2016-10-09 Pirate Television piratetv 16 10 17 mandell2m4v S5E40  TV-G English
2016-10-02 Pirate Television Rob Crawford: The Political Rhetoric of Perpetual War S5E39  TV-G English
2016-09-25 Pirate Television Norm Stamper: How to Fix Americas Police S5E38  TV-G English
2016-09-18 Pirate Television piratetv 16 9 26 jabbarm4v S5E37  TV-G English
2016-09-11 Pirate Television Baz Dreisinger: Incarceration Nations S5E36  TV-G English
2016-09-04 Pirate Television piratetv 16 9 12 napoleonimenm4v S5E35  TV-G English
2016-08-28 Pirate Television Miko Peled: Freedom and Justice - The Keys to Peace in PalestineIsrael S5E34  TV-G English
2016-08-21 Pirate Television piratetv 16 8 29 waldmanm4v S5E33  TV-G English
2016-08-14 Pirate Television Mariam Fathallah and Amena el Ashkar: The Exiled Palestinians: Stateless Palestinians from the S5E32  TV-G English
2016-08-07 Pirate Television Wenonah Hauter: Frackopoly S5E31  TV-G English
2016-07-31 Pirate Television Curt Guyette: Racial Justice Accountability and the Flint Water Crisis S5E30  TV-G English