Week Series Program Name Episode Rating Language
2016-07-24 Pirate Television David Rolf: Winning the Fight for Fifteen S5E29  TV-G English
2016-07-10 Pirate Television Jill Stein Kshama Sawant: Beyond Bernie- Building the Party of the 99 S5E28  TV-G English
2016-07-10 Pirate Television Ari Rabin Havt: Lies Incorporated S5E27  TV-G English
2016-07-03 Pirate Television David Daley: Rat Fked S5E26  TV-G English
2016-06-19 Pirate Television Nick Licata: Becoming a Citizen Activist S5E25  TV-G English
2016-06-12 Pirate Television Michael Foster: Kids Seek Climate Justice S5E24  TV-G English
2016-06-05 Pirate Television Pamela Haag: Advertising and The Gunning of America S5E23  TV-G English
2016-05-22 Pirate Television Randy Mandell: Finance Vs Green Economy S5E22  TV-G English
2016-05-22 Pirate Television Steven Hill: Raw Deal S5E21  TV-G English
2016-05-15 Pirate Television Peter Willcox: The Life of a Greenpeace Captain S5E20  TV-G English
2016-05-08 Pirate Television Peggy Orenstein: Girls Sex S5E19  TV-G English
2016-05-01 Pirate Television piratetv 16 5 9 hedgesalgebram4v S5E18  TV-G English
2016-04-24 Pirate Television David Swanson: War is a Lie S5E17  TV-G English
2016-04-10 Pirate Television Jeff Halper: War Against the People S5E16  TV-G English
2016-04-03 Pirate Television Bill McKibben: Keeping Fossil Fuel Underground S5E15  TV-G English
2016-04-01 Pirate Television Wendell Potter & Nick Penniman: Nation on the Take S5E13 TV-G English
2016-03-27 Pirate Television Thomas Frank: What Ever Happened to the Party of the People? S5E14  TV-G English
2016-03-20 Pirate Television Miguel Fraga: Imagining New Paths for US Cuba Relations S5E12  TV-G English
2016-03-13 Pirate Television Robert McChesney and John Nichols: The Fight Against a Jobless Economy and a Citizenless Democracy S5E11  TV-G English
2016-03-06 Pirate Television Deepa Kumar: In Search of Monsters to Destroy S5E10  TV-G English