Week Series Program Name Episode Rating Language
2016-02-28 Pirate Television Derek Cressman: When Money Talks S5E9  TV-G English
2016-02-21 Pirate Television Sheldon Solomon: The Worm at the Core S5E8  TV-G English
2016-02-07 Pirate Television Ted Rall Bernie Sanders A New Political Era S5E7  TV-G English
2016-02-07 Pirate Television Phyllis Bennis: Understanding ISIS S5E6  TV-G English
2016-01-31 Pirate Television pirate tv 16 2 8 shieldsscmm4v S5E5  TV-G English
2016-01-24 Pirate Television Tim DeChristopher: The Power of Civil Disobedience: Awakening Our Spirits to the Challenge of the S5E4  TV-G English
2016-01-21 Pirate Television Dean Baker: Win, Lose, or Draw? The TPP and You S5E3 TV-G English
2016-01-15 Pirate Television Christopher T. Bayley: Seattle Justice S5E2 TV-G English
2016-01-05 Pirate Television Deepa Iyer: Eliminating Hate Crimes in Post-9/11 A S5E1 TV-G English
2015-12-18 Pirate Television Dave Goulson: What's Happening to the Bees? S4E46 TV-G English
2015-12-08 Pirate Television Ari Berman: Give Us the Ballot S4E45 TV-G English
2015-12-02 Pirate Television Kima Cargill: The Psychology of Overeating S4E44 TV-G English
2015-11-24 Pirate Television Roy Scranton: Learning to Die in the Anthropocene- S4E43 TV-G English
2015-11-17 Pirate Television Tim Flannery: Searching for Solutions to the Clima S4E42 TV-G English
2015-11-10 Pirate Television Philip Warburg: Harness the Sun S4E41 TV-G English
2015-11-03 Pirate Television Eric Holt-Giménez: Climate Food and Race S4E40 TV-G English
2015-10-29 Pirate Television Larissa MacFarquhar: The Price of Idealism S4E39 TV-G English
2015-10-20 Pirate Television Winona LaDuke, Kshama Sawant & Naomi Klein- Transc S4E38 TV-G English
2015-10-13 Pirate Television Ted Rall: Snowden’s Courageous Betrayal of Big Bro S4E37 TV-G English
2015-10-04 Pirate Television Lift the Blockade on Cuba NOW! S4E36  TV-G English