Week Series Program Name Episode Rating Language
2018-08-12 Pirate Television Steve Coll: Secret Wars S7E33  TV-G English
2018-08-05 Pirate Television Jeremi Suri: The Impossible Presidency S7E32  TV-G English
2018-07-29 Pirate Television Andrew Keen: How to Fix the Future S7E31  TV-G English
2018-07-29 Pirate Television Katherine Reynolds Lewis: The Good News About Bad Behavior S7E30  TV-G English
2018-07-15 Pirate Television Kate Troll: 10 Points of Hope for Progress on Climate Change S7E29  TV-G English
2018-07-08 Pirate Television Khaled Beydoun: American Islamophobia S7E28  TV-G English
2018-07-01 Pirate Television Amy Chua: Political Tribes S7E27  TV-G English
2018-06-17 Pirate Television Police Violence Panel S7E26  TV-G English
2018-06-17 Pirate Television Barbara Ehrenreich: Natural Causes S7E25  TV-G English
2018-06-10 Pirate Television Yanis Varoufakis: How Capitalism Works--and How It Fails S7E24  TV-G English
2018-06-03 Pirate Television Denise Fairchild: Energy Democracy S7E23  TV-G English
2018-05-27 Pirate Television Ashley Dawson: Extreme Cities S7E22  TV-G English
2018-05-20 Pirate Television Annelise Orleck: We Are All Fast-Food Workers Now S7E21  TV-G English
2018-05-13 Pirate Television Nomi Prins: How Central Bankers Rigged the World S7E20  TV-G English
2018-05-06 Pirate Television Maria McFarland Snchez-Moreno: There Are No Dead Here S7E19  TV-G English
2018-04-29 Pirate Television Nancy MacLean: The Deep History of the Radical Rights Stealth Plan for America S7E18  TV-G English
2018-04-22 Pirate Television David Barsamian: Global Discontents S7E17  TV-G English
2018-04-15 Pirate Television Zoltan Grossman: Unlikely Alliances S7E16  TV-G English
2018-04-01 Pirate Television Yasha Levine: Surveillance Valley: The Secret Military History of the Internet S7E15  TV-G English
2018-03-25 Pirate Television Charles Mann: The Wizard and the Prophet S7E14  TV-G English