Week Series Program Name Episode Rating Language
2019-12-11 Talking Stick Kate Moore - The Radium Girls S8E39 TV-G English
2019-12-04 Talking Stick Biggest Lie Ever Told - Capital City S8E38  TV-G English
2019-11-27 Talking Stick Alyssa Battistoni - A Planet to Win S8E37 TV-G English
2019-11-20 Talking Stick Andy Lee Roth - Censored 2020 S8E36 TV-G English
2019-11-13 Talking Stick David Barsamian - Rise and Resist S8E35  TV-G English
2019-11-06 Talking Stick Nick Turse - Americas Secret War in Africa S8E34  TV-G English
2019-10-30 Talking Stick After Local Media Disappears, What Comes Next? S8E33  TV-G English
2019-10-23 Talking Stick City and County Candidate Forum - U District Focus S8E32  TV-G English
2019-10-16 Talking Stick The Biggest Lie Ever Told S8E31  TV-G English
2019-10-02 Talking Stick Naomi Klein - On Fire S8E30  TV-G English
2019-09-25 Talking Stick Real Change 25th Anniversary Breakfast S8E29  TV-G English
2019-09-18 Talking Stick An Indigenous Peoples History of the United States S8E28  TV-G English
2019-09-11 Talking Stick Robert Reich in Conversation with Pramila Jayapal S8E27  TV-G English
2019-09-04 Talking Stick Awareness - Education - Hope S8E26  TV-G English
2019-08-28 Talking Stick Chile 1973, America 2020 S8E25  TV-G English
2019-08-21 Talking Stick Vehicle Residency: A Community Conversation S8E24  TV-G English
2019-08-14 Talking Stick Ari Kohn w/ the Post-Prison Education Program S8E23 TV-G English
2019-08-07 Talking Stick What Should Socialism Mean in the 21st Century? S8E22  TV-G English
2019-07-31 Talking Stick The Old is Dying: The New Cannot Be Born S8E21  TV-G English
2019-07-24 Talking Stick Growing Inequality at the UW S8E20  TV-G English