Week Series Program Name Episode Rating Language
2020-05-27 Talking Stick Roxane Gay In Conversation with Ijeoma Oluo S9E21  TV-G English
2020-05-20 Talking Stick Public Testimony on Hanford PUREX Tunnel 2 S9E20  TV-G English
2020-05-13 Talking Stick Post Prison Education Program May 2020 Radio Show S9E19  TV-G English
2020-05-06 Talking Stick How Racial Criminalization Underwrote America S9E18  TV-G English
2020-04-29 Talking Stick Feminism & War in the Asia Pacific S9E17  TV-G English
2020-04-22 Talking Stick Talk by Dahr Jamail - The End of Ice S9E16  TV-G English
2020-04-15 Talking Stick GZ Center for Nonviolent History Panel Four S9E15  TV-G English
2020-04-01 Talking Stick Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action History S9E14  TV-G English
2020-03-25 Talking Stick MLK and the Fight for Economic Justice S9E13  TV-G English
2020-03-18 Talking Stick John M Barry - The Great Influenza S9E12  TV-G English
2020-03-11 Talking Stick Legislation Eliminating WA State CCOs S9E11  TV-G English
2020-03-04 Talking Stick MEDICAL ASPECT 342-USAF-11002 S9E10  TV-G English
2020-02-26 Talking Stick Oscar Lopez Rivera - Resistance and Resilience S9E9  TV-G English
2020-02-19 Talking Stick Insiders Account of the Politics of Intelligence S9E8  TV-G English
2020-02-12 Talking Stick WA DOC Medication Assisted Treatment Program S9E7  TV-G English
2020-02-05 Talking Stick Lance Bennett - Building the Next System S9E6  TV-G English
2020-01-29 Talking Stick Lance Bennett - Environment versus Economy S9E5  TV-G English
2020-01-22 Talking Stick Lance Bennett - The Best Democracy Money Can Buy S9E4  TV-G English
2020-01-15 Talking Stick Lance Bennett - Can Capitalism Be Fixed? S9E3  TV-G English
2020-01-08 Talking Stick Don Glickstein - After Yorktown S9E2  TV-G English